Esprit R&D development programme

Our Esprit R&D development programme is currently seeking technical experts to support us as we revolutionise and redefine GSK’s approach to healthcare. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to develop and give you the autonomy to apply your technical capabilities to help shape the fluid R&D environment, accelerating the delivery of medicines enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

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Patrick Eidam
Research and development

Redefining our approach to healthcare

It is an exciting time at as we are redefining healthcare.? We have created a world-leading computational environment and toolset to enable large scale experiments that exploit GSK’s unique access to data. ?This will be focused on bringing data, analytics & science together into solutions for our scientists and ultimately patients.

We understand, our company will look very different in ten years’ time, and we are looking for people to help drive this change through R&D in 2020.

What is unique about the Esprit R&D development programme?

Past success following the Esprit R&D programme has resulted in outstanding senior leaders and technical specialists.? In 2018 we were excited to extend this programme to data leaders and in 2019 we specifically targeted Biostats experts, in support of GSK R&D’s strategic transformation.?

The programme is a career differentiator for participants. Members who have a high level of success on the programme are recognised for their technical/scientific contributions and are well positioned to accelerate their careers in the R&D function within GSK.

Who are we looking for the 2020 Esprit R&D leadership development programme?

This is a technical role, with the opportunity for matrix and/or thought leadership responsibilities. You will be empowered to be creative, collaborative, ambitious and bold, to solve novel R&D problems and have the potential to directly impact patients’ futures. We have impressive kit and world class data, and we are now looking for smart people to join us.? We hope you will consider joining us on this exciting journey and take the opportunity to be change agents in GSK R&D and Esprit!

How can I apply?

Applications for 2020 will open on the 12th of April. For full details and requirements please visit our GSK careers page and enter the term “Esprit” in the key word search.

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